לוגו diagnostics קובץ לאינטרנט רקע שקוף
Super Early Diagnosis of Cancerous Condition

Cancerous condition – is a condition of a patient’s immune system, in which the patient is required to develop cancer, regardless of whether carried out any treatment or not. Our diagnosis system is able to detect cancer long before the tumor appears by measuring the strength of certain bacteria in the gut. In addition, if during a treatment of a cancerous state the cancer disappears, the system has the ability to predict the recurrence of cancer by measuring the strength of the immune system. The system allows to diagnose the presence of cancer patients (cancerous condition), but does not allow to determine the localization of the tumor and its views.

ZMD Diagnostics Ltd has set a goal of creating an automated system to measure the oncolytic activity of bacteria in the intestinal microflora, and to be able to make at least 10 000 measurements per day. To detect the presence or absence of cancer in a patient, knowledge of the state of his or her immune system suffices to determine the oncolytic activity of bacteria in the intestinal microflora.