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Systems for very early diagnosis of cancer:

Cancerous condition – is a condition of a patient’s immune system, in which the patient is required to develop cancer, regardless of whether carried out any treatment or not. The diagnosis system is able to detect cancer long before the tumor appears by measuring the strength of certain bacteria in the gut. In addition, if during a treatment of a cancerous state the cancer disappears, the system has the ability to predict the recurrence of cancer by measuring  the strength of the immune system. The system allows to diagnose the presence of cancer patients (cancerous condition), but does not allow to determine the localization of the tumor and its views.


System for Hospital Use:

The Principles of the system for diagnosis of cancerous conditions are based on the measurement of onco-lytic activity of bacteria of the intestinal microflora of a patient. The procedure is as follows: a stool sample is taken from a patient and specific bacteria are selected. Once the bacteria are completely selected, a contact between cancer cells grown in vitro is done. Thereafter, the number of surviving cancer cells is measured. If the remaining cancer cells are below 40%, the bacteria are to be with high onco-lytic activity and the patient is not in cancerous condition. If the remaining cancer cells are above 40%, the bacteria are to be with low onco-lytic activity and the patient is in cancerous condition. This system is protected by patent which belongs to the company and Sheba Medical Center- Tel Hashomer, Israel. The company has built a diagnostic laboratory for measuring the onco-lytic activity of bacteria. The laboratory is using ordinary medical devices which are already in clinical practice. The system is undergoing validating and preliminary clinical trials.

System for Home Use:

Based on the method for early diagnosis of cancerous condition, the company developed an indicative examination for home use. The examination is divided into two parts: Permanent device and disposable. As a patient undergoes a treatment, the system examines the effectiveness of the treatment by examining the status of the immune system.


Z.M.D Medical Ltd

Probiotic preparation for the effective and complete recovery of the immune system

Probiotic is designed to eliminate cancerous conditions in patients. This project is also based on the onco-lytic activity of bacterial flora of human intestines. When a patient suffers from low onco-lytic activity, the bacteria must be replaced with the same bacteria with high onco-lytic activity taken from a healthy donor. This idea was tested in animal experiments and is currently being prepared for clinical trials on patients.